Towards Better Understanding of NATO

Project: Towards Better Understanding of NATO
Implemented By: GCSD
Donor: NATO Public Diplomacy Division
Duration: May 2022 - August 2022

The project "Towards Better Understanding of NATO" is implemented by GCSD with the financial support of the NATO Public Diplomacy Division. The main aim of the project is to introduce students, and different groups of society, NATO-related actual topics and foster discussion on them. 

GCSD will hold various activities within the framework of the project: on the one hand, "NATO Youth Academy" will enable Georgian youth to enhance their knowledge about the Alliance and develop practical skills. On the other hand, with the involvement of subject-matter experts and NATO officials, a series of online discussions ("NATO Talks") about the organisation will continue, which will be streamlined through the GCSD Facebook page. The project also includes a component of a student research contest, giving young researchers an opportunity to analyse the important issues on the Alliance's agenda. Organising information meetings about NATO in the regions of Georgia is planned as well during the project.

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Donor: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)