Terms of Reference for a Senior Key Expert Specialized in Development of Communication Strategies

Title of ToR: Senior Key Expert specialized in development of Communication Strategies


1.  Overall Description

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) with the financial support of the United States Embassy in Georgia is implementing Government of Georgia Strategic Communications Program. The program aims to increase the strategic communication capacity of the Government of Georgia and support the development of an effective strategic communications system.     


2.  Reference Persons

Reference person is project manager, Gogita Gvedashvili e-mail:  g.gvedashvili@gcsd.org.ge


3.  Reference Documents

Terms of Reference of the Project   


4.  Assignment Objective(s)


GCSD is looking for Expert/Organization to support the Government of Georgia in the development of the Government’s communications strategy.  Additionally, to contribute to the increased coordination and communication of the Government of Georgia.


Main Tasks/Activities

Main task is to develop an outline of the Government’s Communication Strategy. The document should be Approx. 15-20 page in digital format and include the structure and key dimensions of the strategy.  The document should be elaborated in close cooperation to the Prime-Minister’s Administration.  

Additionally, Expert/Organization should conduct one day online workshop for the Government’s stratcom teams on development of the communication strategy.

Also, Expert/Organization should conduct one 2 days’ training on cross governmental coordination for the government’s stratcom teams.


5.  Related Outputs

  • Strategy Outline (Approx. 15-20 page);
  • Workshop (Development of Communications Strategy) presentation in Power Point format;
  • Training (Cross Governmental Coordination) presentation in Power Point format;
  • Workshop and training evaluation tests;
  • Workshop and training evaluation reports;


6.  Timing and duration


The tentative dates for the development of the strategy outline are May-June, 2021.

Tentative period for the workshop and the training are second half of June, 2021.

Total Input - Expert/Organization: 10 working days for the development of the Communication Strategy Outline, 1 working day for the workshop on Development of Communications Strategy and 2 working days for the training on Cross Governmental Coordination.


7.  Reporting

Communication Strategy Outline, training materials and all related outputs shall be delivered to GCSD for review and approval.


8.  Expert/Organization Profile

Expert/Organization Specialized in Strategic Communications and development of the communication strategies.


Basic Qualifications and Skills

  • Preferably holds an advanced degree in one or more of the following disciplines: Mass Communications, Strategic Communications, Political Science, Public Administration or another appropriate field;
  • Knowledge and prior experience in strategic communications and development of communication strategies;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English;
  • Computer literacy and excellent communication skills.


Essential Professional Experience

  • At least 5 years’ working experience in strategic communications;
  • Proven track record of drafting and developing of communication strategies;
  • Understanding of the current context in Georgia;


Additional Professional Experience Will Be Considered As An Asset:

  • At least 5 years’ experience working in/with government strategic communications;  
  • Relevant experience in working for governments and/or international organizations on consultancy assignments in development of communication strategies;



9.     Performance Indicators

The indicators reflecting the expert's performance are: good planning and execution of the assignment, timely advice to the beneficiary and timely presentation of results and outputs, quality of documents and reports to be provided to the project team and the beneficiary.

Experts/organizations will be selected by the project team and the Prime-Minister’s Administration of Georgia based on curriculum vitae and Letter of Intent. The letter of intent should also include budget estimates for the completion of the task.  


10.  Evaluation of work 

Performance of the task will be assessed by the Program Director and the beneficiary based on performance and the reports from the expert.


11.  How to Apply

Send your Letter of Intent and detailed curriculum vitae to the following Address: g.gvedashvili@gcsd.org.ge

Deadline for Application is 7 May, 2021.  

Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) 

ADD: Tbilisi, Mtskheta Street N48/50

Tel: 032 2 222 667

Web site - gcsd.org.ge