Terms of Reference for International Experts/Organisations to design curricula and training modules and deliver specific trainings

Terms of Reference for International Experts/Organisations to design curricula and training modules and deliver specific trainings

Project “Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism and radicalisation”


Reference: GCSD PCVE – 003


General Background


Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, supporting Georgia’s national security, effective and democratic governance of the country and its sustainable development. GCSD’s work involves research, monitoring, advocacy and implementation of educational projects. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, GCSD is implementing a four-year multi-tier programme entitled Enhancing the capacity of Georgia in preventing violent extremism and radicalization


GCSD designed a programme that will engage a multitude of stakeholders in an effort aimed at gradually increasing Georgia’s capacity to prevent violent extremism and radicalisation. 


Over the course of four years GCSD will work with various actors including the state and civil society organisations; Some of the beneficiaries of the programme include the Permanent Interagency Commission on Elaboration of the National Counterterrorism Strategy, the Parliament of Georgia, non-governmental organisations operating in the regions of Georgia, several universities and other educational institutions as well as the media;


The project will train practitioners from various state institutions, create sustainable institutional knowledge for all relevant institutions directly or otherwise working on preventing violent extremism and radicalisation; The programme will empower civil society organisations to implement their own projects aimed at understanding and diminishing the threat of violent extremism and radicalisation. 


1. Reference persons

Mr. Giorgi Goguadze - Project Manager g.goguadze@gcsd.org.ge

Ms. Mariam Tokhadze - Project Coordinator m.tokhadze@gcsd.org.ge 


2. Assignment purpose


GCSD is looking for Expert/Organization to:


  • Design a full curriculum about terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation with an emphasis on the needs of security services as the module is to be designed specifically for the training centre of the State Security Service of Georgia;
  • The module must consist of 12 academic hours;
  • The module must contain practical exercises;
  • The module must include 120 minutes of simulation exercise, relevant to thematic areas. It could include several different simulation exercises;
  • The final package to be presented by the expert must include: A reader document, thematic presentations, reading list.
  • The expert shall travel to Georgia to deliver the training to lecturers selected by the Training Centre of the State Security Service[1].


Basic qualifications and skills for experts/organizations

  • A postgraduate degree or equivalent with relevant work experience in International relations, Security, Education and/or equivalent/ relevant work experience in aforementioned fields.
  • Knowledge and prior experience in preventing/countering violent extremism;
  • Strong writing and communication skills in English;
  • Effective communication; 
  • Computer literacy.


Essential professional experience 

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in the field of P-CVE/Security;
  • Experience of drafting and delivering subject specific training modules;
  • Experience of developing curriculums for teaching institutions on PCVE;
  • Understanding of the current context in Georgia (previous working experience in the country or the South Caucasus and good understanding of current dynamics will be an asset). 


Allocated working days up to 25 working days


3. Performance indicators

The indicators reflecting the international expert’s/organizations performance are: good planning and execution of the assignment, timely presentation of results and outputs, quality of the curricula to be provided to the project team and the trainings delivered.

4. Experts/organizations will be selected by the project team based on Resume and Letter of Intent. The letter of intent should include a list of topics for the module and budget estimates for the completion of the task. We advise the applicant to break the budget in detailed lines and provide the justified budget, with narrative. There is no specific template for the budget and each applicant could use the convenient format. CVs and cover letters are to be sent to vacancy@gcsd.org.ge with the following subject line: GCSD PCVE – 003


5. The deadline for receiving applications is February 26, 2021 18:00 Tbilisi time.

[1] This component is dependent upon the epidemiological situation and travel restrictions