Facility for the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement - II

Project: Facility for the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement - II
Consortium Members: IBF International Consulting, Ecorys, PGI, PMCG
European Union
Duration: Feb 6, 2019 - Dec 5, 2021
Location: Tbilisi

The Project Facility for the Implementation of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement – II’s scope encompasses assistance to implementation of the EU-Georgia bilateral agreements via strengthening the policy development, coordination, reporting and monitoring by Government, Parliament and other institutions; to implementation of the sector-related reforms, enhancing the legal approximation and regulatory impact assessment frameworks as well as practice across Government’s and Parliament’s relevant institutions as well as to effective communication and outreach to the Georgian public on the EU-Georgia agreements. The major objectives are to: strengthen Georgian public authorities’ capacity to comply with the commitments set out in the EU-Georgia Agreements (focus on AA/DCFTA); to further enhance coordination, monitoring, reporting on and awareness of the AA implementation; to implement legal and institutional reforms; to coordinate and monitor EU assistance.

The AAF Project Team along with highly specialized sector experts implements numerous activities in three priority areas of competence. These activities include increasing awareness of EU-Georgia relations and benefits deriving from AA/DCFTA among national, local and regional public authorities, business, media and civil society. It also enhances mechanisms for public hearings and other forms of public consultation on EU-Georgia agenda and implementation of the AA/DCFTA to be well reflected in the Government and Parliament's agendas. 

The project provided expert recommendations about creating and using multi-stakeholder formats for coordinating communication to the Georgia public on the implementation of the AA/DCFTA. The AAF conducted consultations with the parliamentary entities on communication and networking between the parliamentary working group members and other stakeholders including the representatives of governmental entities (LMs, Agencies), business and civil society. Sectoral workshops are planned in Georgian regions in order to establish a foundation and develop standards for a permanent and constructive private-public dialogue on implementation of DCFTA.